Female Human Swashbuckler




Agility d10
Smarts d6
Spirit d6
Strength d4
Vigor d6

Charisma +0
Pace 6
Parry 8
Toughness 6(1)


Fighting d10
Healing d4
Lockpicking d4
Notice d6
Stealth d8
Taunt d6
Throwing d6


Overconfident(Major) – The hero believes she can do anything.
Loyal(Minor) – The hero tries never to betray or disappoint her friends.
Enemy(Minor) – Reyellin double-crossed the Red Spears Guild in Salimport, who put a price on her head. While the guild holds little sway outside of Salimport, Reyellin is sure to draw attention from the occasional bounty hunter.


Ambidextrous – Ignore -2 penalty for using your off-hand.
Two-Fisted – When attacking with a weapon in each hand, ignore multi-action penalty.


Rapier (Str+d4, 3 lb., Parry 1) 150 gp
Dagger(x3) (Str
d4, 1 lb./ea., Range 3/6/12) 75 gp
Leather Armor (+1, 15 lb., covers torso, arms, legs) 50 gp
Lockpicks (1 lb) 200 gp
Trail Rations (10 lb.) 5 gp


Born in the city of Salimport, Reyellin’s father is a dockworker; her mother is an innkeeper at the Proud Raven Inn in the market district of Salimport. She grew up in relative comfort, her parents able to provide for her and her five siblings. Her older brother taught her the fine art of swordplay, which she refined in the less reputable “fighting pits” of the dock ward. Much to her mother’s dismay, Reyellin welcomed the attention her skills earned her, along with the purses she won in the fights.

But it was not to last. Torrin, the dwarf leader of the Red Spears, made a deal with Reyellin – he would “manage” her career, and she would take the occasional dive when he ordered. She also did the occasional job for him where stealth was required. This worked in her favor for a few months, until Torrin set up a fight with her old rival, Trennis. Pride got the better of her, and Reyellin handily defeated Trennis. Torrin lost a great amount of coin in that deal, and came after her. She escaped, but not before humiliating Torrin and his thugs.

She fled Salimport that night, heading west into the plains of Ferriln with a caravan. As it happened, she met up with an old friend, Dergar – a half-orc who had traded in Salimport and stayed at the Proud Raven. He seemed to have lost his tribe, but gained a friend – an odd woodsman name Malicus. Curious as to where their search would lead, and since she had no other friends outside of Salimport, she joined the pair in their journey.


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