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Initial Character Background Idea

Why would a Druid and a half orc become friends?
What if the half orc had become lost in the woods. He has been separated from his clan. Perhaps by their design. He had come upon a small human settlement, but it didn’t work out. He was not liked. People did not trust or care for him at all. After getting run out of town. Pitchfork, fire, mob.. He found himself deep in a forest. Lost and hungry. He bent down near a stream for water, when a tiny squirrel sat on the ledge beside him. Watched him take his drink and he could swear it wanted him to follow. He was tired and hungry. He planned to get close enough to snap the little guy’s neck. But he didn’t get close enough and there was something interesting about the squirrel. Eventually he realized that the squirrel had taken him much deeper into the woods than he would have ever been on his own. Then the squirrel was no longer there. He searched and searched. Nothing. And then he heard a voice. "Did he follow? Really, you think he will be our friend? Oh he’s big, he can help. " as you round the corner of some trees, you see an older man who seems to be conversing with a squirrel. You’d swear it was the squirrel. Then then squirrel disappears into the man’s clothing. "Quite right. No need to…. Greetings friend. I hear you’re lost. Might I introduce myself? People who know me call me…? What was it? Oh yes. Quite right – Malicus, Malicus the….oh never mind the rest.

“I’m quite at home here in the woods, perhaps we can help each other. I’ll gladly show you out of here if you’ll be my friend. It’s been so long since I have been someone’s friend.” You wanted to run. To leave, but something about this old man interested you. And you were lost and alone as well. You could become his friend, at least until you came upon a road. And the squirrel. He was talking to that squirrel, you had to know more….

So you agreed to be his friend. The smile and look of gratitude, for promising to be a friend. It was a sight. You were also a little relieved to have someone to call friend.

Weeks went by and you were still lost. The old man was intriguing, eventually the squirrel reappeared and the old man spoke more often to the squirrel than you. But he spent time talking with you as well. He was crazy but knew a lot about the woods. You quickly learned more about berries and trees and creatures than you ever learned from your tribe. Eventually you learned that this old man was concerned about the forest. We would come upon areas that were devastated. A blight he called. “Bad omen…bad bad….we need to find the cause.”
You learned that whatever was going on, it was much bigger than the blighted areas. Eventually you come upon an area of the forest that seems familiar to you. But it’s not… suddenly you realize that you are standing where the center of your clan lived. “Bad..bad…This is very bad… everything is wrong here..” The old man explains that the area does not belong where it is. “The trees are wrong. Those shrubs don’t grow here. It appears as though some terrible magic picked up the ground and put it here. Bad…..bad…..bad…”

You relay that you think this is/was home. Puzzled, you learn that the old man is sure your land belongs a hundred miles away from here,beyond the Nerrid Hills to the south. And you realize that he’s correct. The old man sits on a rock and ponders…. The squirrel comes out and you swear it is pondering as well. Bad…bad….bad.

He decides. We must go to the libraries of Vidalia. There is text there that speaks to this upheaval. We must work together. It seems our lives were intertwined long ago. We must solve the riddle of what is destroying the forest and where your clan is. Who or what ripped the earth from its roots and relocated it so far away.

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